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(Bolding denotes MEC lab members)


Bitter M, J Wong, H Dam, S Donelan, C Kenkel, LM Komoroske, K Nickols, E Rivest, S Salinas, S Burgess, and K Lotterhos. 2021. Fluctuating selection and global change: a synthesis and review on disentangling the roles of climate amplitude, predictability, and novelty. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Early online paper here.

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Cheng BS, LM Komoroske, Grosholz ED. 2016. Trophic sensitivity and the ecological context of invasive predator and native prey interactions. Functional Ecology. doi: 10.1111/1365-2435.12759. Featured on Capital Public Radio & UC Davis News.

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*undergraduate co-author

Jeffries KM, RE Connon, BE Davis, LM Komoroske, MT Britton, T Sommer, AE Todgham and NA Fangue. 2016. The effects of high temperatures on threatened estuarine fishes. Journal of Experimental Biology 
Selected as ‘Inside JEB’ featured article with press summary.

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Dahn HA, J Mountcastle, J Balacco, S Winkler, I Bista, AD Schmitt,  OV Pettersson,  G Formenti, K Oliver, M Smith, W Tan, A Kraus, S Mac, LM Komoroske, T Lama, AJ Crawford,  RW Murphy, S Brown, AF Scott,  PA Morin, ED Jarvis,  and O Fedrigo. Benchmarking ultra-high molecular weight DNA preservation methods for long-read and long-range sequencing. GigaScience, submitted. Preprint available on bioRxiv here.


Komoroske LM. From Sky to Sea: Studying sea turtles amid warming waters. NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region news website featured article, December 2015. *Featured on the Ocean Connectors website.

Komoroske LM. Ocean Week Invited Keynote Speaker, Solana Beach School District, May 2015.

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