Research in our lab is driven by a fundamental curiosity in understanding how animals are shaped by natural and anthropogenically altered environmental conditions, coupled with the desire to apply this knowledge to mitigate human impacts and inform effective conservation management. We have a primary emphasis on nearshore marine and freshwater systems, but welcome collaborations across new and diverse ecological contexts.

As ‘conservation molecular ecologists,’ we conduct integrative studies in wildlife genomics, physiology and ecology to investigate mechanisms underlying animal performance, distributions, connectivity and adaptation in species of conservation concern and economic value. We frequently draw on theories and approaches across these disciplines to understand linkages across multiple levels of biological organization (from genes to populations). We work closely with regional, federal and global agency partners to communicate and incorporate results into decision frameworks to ensure that conservation management strategies are based on the best available science.

Does this sound interesting and exciting to you? We are currently recruiting graduate students & undergraduate interns to join our research group. Please see the opportunities page for details.